Work-life balance, an ETUC video

Dear all,

Please see the video that we have realised in the context of ETUC (Confederation to which the USF is the only union in the European civil service to be affiliated) lobby action to support the adoption of the work-life balance Directive.

Trade union leaders from EU and national countries speak out to support a swift adoption of this piece of legislation.

Happy to hear your feedback and we count on you for sharing it among your contacts!

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Cinzia Sechi

Work–life balance is a term used to describe the level of prioritisation between an individual’s work and personal life. A good work–life balance is achieved when an individual’s right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm – to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society.

Work–life balance is a consistent theme in European Commission proposals on the future of European social policy that promote a shift away from a work–leisure dichotomy towards more complex patterns of time use. New working time patterns offer the possibility for new combinations of work, education and training, social responsibility and leisure in a more integrated life cycle, with associated measures going beyond traditional labour law rights to equal treatment in employment and social security. Such measures include rights and entitlements to training, caring responsibilities and community service, and the provision of incentives for workers to undertake these activities.

Source : eurofound.