US letter to ETF Director


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The Union Syndicale ETF (hereinafter US ETF) is building day by day on strong commitment of our members spite, as you well know, we are not walking an easy way in the process of being recognised as an institutional partner for developing social dialogue at ETF. Nevertheless, within such process, the ETF US in very short time is composed by 40 staff members whilst other colleagues are progressively expressing their interest on our activities, as well as conveying us their views on the constructive role we can play today and for the best future of our agency indeed.

For this reason, we decided in our last assembly (held in Europa room on 1st October 2018), to conduct a transparent election process for selecting our first formal Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is officially representing the voice of our 40 staff members and it is composed as follows:

  • J. Manuel Galvin Arribas (President).
  • Roberta Brusato (Vice-President).
  • Liia Kaarlop (Executive Secretary).
  • Roberta di Monte (Executive Councillor).
  • Pasqualino Mare (Executive Councillor).
  • Alina Codrescu (Executive Councillor).

In such assembly, ETF US affiliates kindly asked us to have a meeting with you before the end of the year to start building dialogue on following issues:

  1. US ETF brief position on the key issue of forthcoming HR Strategy
  2. Sickness leave rules
  3. Contract Agents reclassification exercise
  4. Brexit at ETF
  5. Some other key issues

US Letter to ETF Director

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