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Our values

Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) was founded almost 50 years ago, following the Ispra Declaration in 1974. It brings together trade union organisations under the banner of unity and solidarity with the world of work. What these organisations have in common is the desire to promote the idea of a genuine European Public Service at the service of European integration in peace and for the prosperity of its citizens. More specifically, USF advocates an inclusive workplace, free from harassment, whether moral or sexual (online harassment is also a focus of our attention), respecting the aspirations and integrity of each individual. In addition, we help our colleagues with any problems they may have regarding JSIS, working conditions, the consequences of Brexit, the follow-up of their carreer, etc.

Your benefits

Union Syndicale Fédérale offers many advantages to its members. When you start working for us, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions, but don’t panic, our colleagues are there to answer them and help you through the process. USF also offers you legal assistance, with a regular newsletter covering the most recent rulings on staff rights, training courses for internal or EPSO competitions, tax conferences and, for elligibile colleagues, free membership of Affiliatys, giving you access to supplementary health insurance (HOSPI SAFE) from Allianz. In addition, we offer our members well-being workshops to help them look after their health, both mental and physical.