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Say Yes to a Unified and Solidarity-driven Europe

Solidarity between us; solidarity with the world of work around us; unity in the face of the employer; collectively support the European idea.

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Union Syndicale Fédérale

Union Syndicale Fédérale, the leading Interntational and European civil service trade union, defends civil servants and agents from the European institutions and international organisations.



Solidarity is in our DNA and is our business. Solid unity has allowed us to achieve significant positive changes over the years ever since USF has been created. That is why we are belonging to the general workers’ movement in Europe and the World, through membership in EPSU and PSI.

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Founded in 1974 by a coalition of existing trade unions from various institutions, USF was established as a single, united, and powerful movement that would be able to negotiate effectively with employers. It is to offer an umbrella, a common roof for all trade union forces in the international public service. We are convinced that unity is the key force of the workers’ movement.

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Equal treatment of staff by employers regardless of race, religion, skill, gender, etc. All are equal in the eyes of the organization.

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Solidarity at the service of social progress: together, let’s build a better future for the European Union’s public service.

Your advantages as a USF member

USF was founded to be a single, united and powerful movement, capable of negotiating effectively with employers. It is about offering an umbrella, a common roof to all trade union forces in the international civil service. Together, we are committed to creating a better work-life balance for all, avoiding job insecurity, better recognition for your careers, equality between men and women in all institutions, zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.

Legal Advice

Legal advice on professional and private life issues from our lawyers, free after one year's membership; Consultation with our tax advisor or notary, partial or full cover of handling costs.
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Union Syndicale Brussels, in collaboration with ORSEU and ACCEU, organises specific and general training courses for its members, members of their families and those wishing to become members, with a view to their participation in competitions.
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Well-being workshop

Union Syndicale invites you to a series of informative workshops on wellbeing, where we will explore the different facets of what wellbeing is, and how important it is to our mental and physical health.
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Webinars ORSEU​

Our Webinars are reserved for Union Syndicale members, members of their families who cannot join Union Syndicale, and those who join on this occasion.
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Webinars ACCEU

For those who have passed the pre-selection tests such as verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning…, this course (English only) prepares for the second part of the EPSO competition (oral, written).
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Documentation as well as audio and video files (if available) relating to our conferences and seminars.
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A Brief History


Find all the latest news about our concerns, our voices, our actions and our reactions concerning social and political life, the economy and the well-being of the European public service.

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