Operation Glasses without Frontiers


Operation Glasses without Frontiers: let’s help them see better

Change their sight, change their lives


Who does not have an old pair of glasses sleeping somewhere in the darkness of a drawer and that are never used?

We propose you to participate in a solidarity action to recycle your old glasses (reading glasses, eyeglasses or sunglasses) before they become clutter.

You can find all the information about this operation here.

Since 1974, under the impulse of the Father François Marie Meyer, the village of Hirsingue, located at the extreme south of the Haut-Rhin, has become the “capital of spectacles the Third World”. Indeed, the association Lunettes sans border recovers, sorts, cleans and ships glasses by parcels, sent by aeroplane in Africa, in Asia, in America in the South and in Europe (Poland, Romania and in France for people from the Quarter World). Thus a some thirty active volunteers work regularly for sorting, cleaning, measuring dioptres, dioptre measurements and write on the glasses, but also to pack and store them. ship near 70,000 pairs of glasses every year.

These pairs of glasses are then sent to competent people in clinics, dispensaries ophthalmology and stations of mission that make it benefit the many visually impaired people by their country. Glasses find here a second life, come from different collections realized as well as in parishes, in schools of the sundgau, but also in the rest from France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, in Austria. In many of households, pairs of glasses that do not serve more, and would be very useful in countries affected by extreme poverty. This is the case in Africa, where a pair of glasses represents about 6 to 8 months’ salary.

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