Union Syndicale’s Progress at the Staff Committee

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Union Syndicale makes good progress at the General Secretariat of the Council (SGC)

Elections to the Staff Committee of the General Secretariat of the Council took place from March 16 to 22. The “Union Syndicale” list registered a strong increase, rising from 3 to 11 seats out of 30, but the “Renouveau & Démocratie” list retained its absolute majority, rising from 23 to 18 seats. The FFPE, which had presented only 15 candidates, was elected to just 1 seat instead of the previous 3. It should be remembered that the Council’s electoral system is not at all proportional. Each elector chooses a maximum of 30 candidates, and the candidates with the most votes are elected (subject to the representation of the different function groups). In 2015, Union Syndicale, along with others, proposed the introduction of a proportional system. If this system had been accepted, the new Staff Committee would be made up of 13 R&D representatives, 13 Union Syndicale representatives and 4 FFPE representatives. But even with the current system, this time we have a much more balanced result than in previous elections, in which the majority list obtained at least three-quarters of the seats. In terms of votes cast, R&D obtained 43% (+341 votes), Union Syndicale 41% (+3,441 votes) and FFPE 13% (-7,428 votes). Among the candidates on the Union Syndicale list, it was the women who achieved the highest scores and, above all, the most dazzling gains: Lucie Raskova and Frances McFadden. All the lists combined, 3 AST women achieved the highest scores.

To what do we owe this progress?

It’s clear that Union Syndicale’s work over the last two years has paid off: the expertise and competence of our Board team is recognized by all staff. It is also likely that our members and supporters have better understood that, due to the electoral system, it is the voters who cast their ballots for the 30 candidates on the same list who really decide the majority or balance of power within the Committee. Finally, a refreshing campaign, with a new look but with concrete positions and proposals, also enabled us to be more visible and more credible. In short, good progress for our Union Syndicale representatives at the SGC!

How will the new Staff Committee work?

In our campaign, we pledged to work towards an inclusive Committee, which would seek to represent all staff rather than impose the views of the majority against those of the minority. If R&D, which has an absolute majority, shares this desire to unite our forces in the face of the Appointing Authority, and above all in the face of the Member States which are never far away on the Council, Union Syndicale will of course be willing to work together in an inclusive Committee. Even if R&D retains an absolute majority, we can be satisfied with the result.

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