European day on moral harassment

Harassment, Special Report

IPSO : If you have heard of, if you have witnessed a situation of harassment, speak out, express yourself, contact us!

How to identify harassment?

Victims are selected individually rather than in groups without distinction: sex, origin, background, personality, age, or because they are too conscientious, too innovative… Different techniques can be used to isolate: discreet denigration of work to the hierarchy, devaluation of the position, overwork, contradictory instructions, opposition to colleagues… until you are broken and dropped in by everyone. No one is safe! It may only be a matter of time…

Harassment in EU institutions : the case of IPSO

Over the years, moral harassment has become a “guest” in labour relations! In the long term, it creates a hostile and unhealthy working environment. The consequences are well known: sick leave, absenteeism, demotivation… This must change! That is why USF supports IPSO, the ECB‘s trade union, and all its Member Organisations of the European and international institutions in this day of action against harassment.

If you feel you are the TARGET of one or more people, we are here to LISTEN TO YOU, ADVISE YOU, ACCOMPANY YOU… You will never regret breaking the infernal spiral and defending yourself! Solidarity makes the difference.

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