Together for Luxembourg


“Together for Luxembourg”, the list of USF Luxembourg for the Local Staff Comittee elections from 23/11 to 6/12/2022

New elections ahead meaning a new majority in the LSC ?

Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg once again presents at the forthcoming LSC elections a complete list. It is as broad as possible in order to meet the challenges ahead and, in particular, to fight for the attractiveness of the Luxembourg site.

USF Luxembourg promotes in particular:

  • Real Careers prospects as well as remuneration enhancementes and keeping the actual pension scheme,
  • A reasoned implementation of the “Working time and teleworking” decision,
  • Fighting medical overcharging,
  • Health at work both in the office (including hot and open desking) and at thome,
  • An ambitious broad social policy covering everything not strictly linked to work.

Our “Together for Luxembourg” list also has the following ambitions :

  • Continue to give back the LSC to Staff, as was practised during the 2019 – 2022 term under USFL lead ;
  • To work in synergy with other Unions ;
  • To make the voice of Luxembourg Staff heard wherever needed ; through the trade union channels, of course, but also through the statustory channels.

These priorities stem from the ongoing efforts and commitments of USF Luxembourg to defend the Luxembourg site with all its specific aspects and challenges, but also in the wider interest of all Institutions at all work sites where they operate.

« Together for Luxembourg » aims to help staff cope with their issues and this without changing the Staff Regulations.

« Together for Luxembourg » calls the introduction of an accomodation allowance regardless of the current budget limitation. USF Luxembourg considers that the 12 proposals submited by the Heads of Administration (CALUX) remain too vague.

By acting actively and in synergy within the USF federal framework, (present in almost all Community institutions and bodies and at all places of work) our trade union sends a clear and decisive political signal to those who call into question fundamentals of the European Civil Service.

Indeed, defending the excellence and independance of the European Civil Service, is essential for the pursuit of European Integration.

« Together for Luxembourg » means making it possible to better organise ourselves today and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

It is perhaps for this reason that by chance our list obtained the number 1

Our priorities

  • Attractiveness of the luxembourg site
  • Remunerations and Pensions
  • Careers
  • Transparency
  • Social Policy
  • Working time
  • Social dialogue
  • Sickness insurance/ JSIS
  • Health at work

Our permanent working areas

The work programme of Ensemble Luxembourg – Luxembourg Together is structured around four key areas :

  • Issuing proposals and taking innovative action : for the defense of a European Civil Service where solidarity, competence, independence shall represent key features, in full respect for our colleagues and in full democracy;
  • Providing correct and timely information :on all files and decisions of the moment emanating from the administration ;
  • Making sure that we remain at alla times present and available : to colleagues in all circumstances (legal support, potential complaints, advice, etc) by enhancing and strenghtening our networking for a better defense of our colleagues, who will be invited to make their contribution with a view to guaranteeing greater transparency ;
  • Prepare and explain : with the openness required, the impact of the future enlargement projects of the European Union and any future changes in European society that will influence our situation.


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