Carers need more than applause


Carers and careers

Carers need more than applause; they need career support.

Our central aim as a union is to work in the interests of all staff and to promote European values. The recent speech by our new Secretary-General rekindled the hope that inspirational leadership and staff motivation will increasingly be the driving force behind the work of the GSC.

Such values are vitally important to society as a whole and reflect the ideals of our founding fathers. They underpin inclusion, social progress, and justice, in an environment where diversity is valued.

Union Syndicale is promoting Carers and careers as a topic as it concerns a section of our staff that is often neglected.

Many colleagues care for family members. With dignity and professional pride, these colleagues have carried the burden of caring, not least during the recent difficult COVID years. Their devotion is an inspiration to us all and deserves greater recognition.

We refer here to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which highlight inclusiveness, equality, and diversity.

Our overarching aim is to address the legitimate desire of all colleagues, including carers, to enjoy a participatory working environment. That involves tackling sensitive issues and addressing any noninclusive, unfair, or discriminatory organisational practices that are preventing individuals and
teams from thriving at work.

Union Syndicale is not seeking a debate on leave provisions or vocational training for carers or for staff in general. We wish to encourage a discussion on carers’ needs at work and advocate a more inclusive work environment that supports, protects, and empowers carers.

We draw attention to this ‘forgotten’ category of staff in the knowledge that carers can be catalysts for change, as they meet the challenge of combining professional excellence with the demands placed on them at home. They exemplify the importance of work-life balance, as they search for ‘flexible solutions’ enabling them to fulfill their caring responsibilities whilst enjoying a favourable work environment. By supporting carers, the Administration will be supporting diversity, will improve the general performance and participation of staff in the GSC, and will help deliver on our core European values and ideals, in line with the stated aims of our new Secretary General.

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