16th USF Congress : It’s a wrap !

Asmayani Kusrini

While the 16th USF Congress has come to an end, the implications of its resolutions will continue to have a lasting impact on our member organisations and the broader labor movement. The discussions and decisions made during the congress have set a precedent for addressing the pressing issues faced by staff and will serve as a blueprint for future advocacy efforts.

The resolutions adopted by the congress present a comprehensive roadmap for trade unions to confront key challenges such as working conditions, job insecurity, digitalization, healthcare accessibility, and educational programs for future generations. They represent the collective voice of our members, underscoring their unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of staff and safeguarding their rights.

By using these resolutions, our member organizations can effectively advocate for fair and equitable working conditions within their respective institutions. The recognition of the importance of social dialogue and staff representation further emphasizes the need for unions to actively engage in discussions with management, fostering collective agreements that address their members’ concerns.

The congress’s emphasis on career prospects, job security, and transparency provides trade unions with a solid foundation for negotiating improved benefits, fair salary structures, and opportunities for professional growth. With these resolutions as a reference point, unions can push for policies and practices that prioritize the well-being and development of staff and workers.

Moreover, the congress’s focus on digitalization and the evolving nature of work acknowledges the challenges it presents. Leveraging these resolutions, trade unions can negotiate telework policies, advocate for the right to disconnect, and ensure that health and safety standards are maintained in remote work settings.

Addressing the issue of precarious contracts and job insecurity, the resolutions highlight the significance of permanent employment and equal treatment for all workers. Our member organisations can rally around these resolutions to campaign for fair and stable contracts, equal pay for equal work, and the eradication of discriminatory practices within their institutions. It fortifies the position of trade unions in advocating for the rights and interests of workers, granting them a platform to engage with management and influence decision-making processes.

The Congress may have concluded, but its resolutions will continue to shape the agenda and priorities of our trade unions. We will continue promoting and diffusing the congress resolutions through our social media channels, to keep the conversation alive and create a sustained momentum for change.

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