EULEX Kosovo – Legal notice – Ms Federica Mogherini


Union Syndicale Bruxelles, together with Union Syndicale Fédérale, of which it is a member organisation, is a representative staff union representing and defending the interests of thousands of colleagues in the various European institutions and bodies.

For several years, Union Syndicale Bruxelles has been representing the staff of various CSDP missions and operations, particularly EULEX Kosovo.
Whilst you are doubtless well aware of the problems currently faced by EULEX Kosovo, which have been widely covered by the media, we would like to draw your attention to the serious problems of staff management that our members encounter on a daily basis.

Whilst we are a recognised and representative staff association in the EEAS, we have been constantly denied recognition in EULEX, be it directly by the Head of Mission or by the competent authorities inside the EEAS.
Following our formal requests, the Head of Mission has put in place an Interim Staff Committee under conditions we continue to consider as undemocratic and far below the standards of rule of law that EULEX is supposed to promote.

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