Update on CETA & request for action


Update on CETA and request for action

Please find attached the latest CETA update. On this occasion we are translating the update – please check next week our update on CETA and request for action on our website for other languages versions. The focus of the update is on the ratification process in the European Parliament. There are key votes planned on CETA for 12 December (ENVI Committee), 24 January (INTA Committee) and 1 February (plenary) where your lobbying support is requested.

The EPSU roadmap to oppose CETA was adopted by the EPSU Executive Committee in April 2016 following the completion of the agreement’s negotiations and was based on long-standing criticism of the impact of CETA on public services, workers rights and democracy. EPSU’s letter to the European Parliament’s trade committee INTA in March 2016 was instrumental in signaling discontent over the final result – see http://www.epsu.org/a/12103.

The EPSU roadmap was confirmed by the Executive Committee in November 2016, notwithstanding efforts that took place during the last months to secure certain improvements to the way that the agreement may be interpreted. These efforts resulted in an ‘Interpretative Instrument’ that may help to mitigate some parts of CETA’s provisions but the essential problems with CETA remain.

The most immediate task is to contact ENVI MEPs to ask their support for the ENVI CETA Opinion that will be voted on 12 January. Beyond this lobbying MEPs. EPSU materials to support actions and awareness on CETA are available on the EPSU website http://www.epsu.org/CETA and do not hesitate to ask for any further information that might be helpful.

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