Transferring Pension Rights Explained

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After joining European institutions, is transferring your pension rights acquired previously into the EU pension scheme a good idea or not ?

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Within a period of 10 years and 6 months since entering the service of the EU, the staff member may request the transfer of pension rights which he / she has acquired under a national pension scheme. The transfer, once made, becomes irreversible.

This is why, before signing an application to transfer your national pension entitlements, think twice and seek advice from your union as to whether, given the effect of the minimum subsistence figure rule, this transfer is likely to produce more favourable results than keeping your national pension.

This is the time, especially for staff members in lower grades or those with a short career perspective in the EU system, to check what will be the impact of the minimum subsistence figure rule on your future pension under the EU scheme; this is the formula for this rule:

Pension = (BS AST 1/1) x 4 % x (years of service)

The minimum subsistence figure rule was not a novelty of the 2004 reform. What was new in the 2004 reform was the creation of a contract staff status with a much lower level of remuneration than that of officials / temporary staff. The creation in 2014 of the SC function group followed suit. As a result, the minimum subsistence figure rule has become increasingly relevant, by giving, in many cases, results better or equal or close to the ‘normal’ method of accruing pensionable years, even after you have added to them those resulting from a transfer.

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