Humanitarian crisis in Greece: time to act!


Call for action

Since 28 February, when Turkey announced it would no longer try to keep migrants on its territory, thousands of people fleeing from war and persecution have been heading to the Greek border, hoping to find a safe haven in Europe. They mostly come from Syria, but they are also Afghan, Iraqi, and Iranian. They hoped for asylum, but the door is closed.

Entire families, elderly people, mothers with babies in their arms are trapped beyond the razor wire, the border guards shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at them. Some try to cross the border by sea. They are pushed back, their boats capsized in cold waters. If they drown, the better. There is no going back, no home to return to, and Turkey does not want them any longer.

This is evolving into a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions, where children will pay the highest price. The European Union cannot pretend it cannot see. WE cannot pretend we can’t see.

We are calling the European institutions to coordinate one day of demonstrative actions of all the staff of all the European Institutions, to show our solidarity to the refugees and to ask the leadership of the EU for immediate coordination with the Member States to open a humanitarian path, at least for the children.

Let’s be visible. We need to flood the web with our message, our images, our call. We need to go Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Let’s be concrete. Let’s be everywhere. We need to post and share from Rue de la Loi to the most remote EU Del, because no matter the place, we are one.

Let’s be loud. LET THE KIDS IN!

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