EPSU: Defending public service


EPSU: defending and promoting public service workers and public services

Campaigning for the right to water, negotiating on information and consultation rights for central government workers, lobbying for tougher action on tax avoidance and fraud… these are just some of the many activities of EPSU – the European trade union federation for public service workers. We mobilise for action and change!

EPSU brings together over 270 trade union organisations from 49 European countries. We influence the policies and decisions of employers, governments and European institutions, campaigning for well-funded public services and better rights at work. Our vision is of a Europe in which men and women and our environment are not exploited and with public services at its core. Good jobs in our sectors mean quality services for citizens.

EPSU represents 8 million workers who are delivering public services, whether they are directly employed by the public sector or work for non-profit or private sector organisations. Our members work in health and social services; local, regional and national government; energy waste and water.

EPSU is recognised as the European regional organisation of the global public services federation PSI and is also a member of the European Trade Union Confederation. We work with the other European trade union federations that are part of the ETUC.

NEGOTIATING AT EUROPEAN LEVEL EPSU works hard to deliver better working conditions, improved health and safety and enhanced rights for our members. By sitting down with employers at a European level, in social dialogue committees, we negotiate agreements that aim to improve the working lives of public service workers and ensure quality services for citizens.

Read here the EPSU Congress briefing: “defending public service workers and publics services”.

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