Harassment and Court procedures

Harassment, Special Report

Harassment court procedures : News at European Parliament and EIB

In the 2 cases mentioned in the latest US Brussels Newsletter, the Tribunal condemned the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank to pay 10 000 € to the applicants, whom had been victims of psychological harassment.

Moreover, the Court confirmed its caselaw on the definition of psychological harassment and clarified the scope of its judicial control, as well as the obligation for the institutions to launch a disciplinary procedure in case of psychological harassment.

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In Case T-275/17, Curto, a Member of Parliament (MEP) requested the employing authority to terminate her assistant’s (the applicant of the case) contract by stating that the assistant, without permission, had not come to work for one week. The assistant submitted a request for assistance by the EP (Art. 24 Staff Regulations) and reported that the MEP had insulted her with humiliating and scornful language, threats and insults.

In Case T-377/17, SQ / EIB, the applicant claimed that a director removed her from a position of responsibility without due cause, that he had belittled her, spoken to her inappropriately, aggressively, disdainfully and accusingly, withheld certain information, failed to provide her with feedback on her performance at work and that he had treated her unfavourably in relation to other persons. The EIB requested the director to excuse towards the staff member and announced that if a new complaint were to be made concerning him within a three-years period, the employing authority would open a disciplinary procedure against him. The EIB informed the staff member that the procedure had to remain strictly confidential, including within the institution itself.

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