SACE: Social dialogue is more important than never


On Thursday afternoon 9 December, the representatives of the Staff Committee and SACE were finally able to raise the issues that were close to their hearts at the end of the year, in a hemicycle adapted to respect the restrictions due to COVID.

It has to be said that few agents still speak out publicly to denounce situations that affect them as Council of Europe staff members, daring to address issues of salary adjustment, teleworking or even their own protection in the exercise of their function.

SACE is grateful to the Secretary General, members of the Administration and Private Office for having listened. The time allotted for questions and answers was enough to take note of the problems raised, but it will certainly take time to find solutions.

SACE hopes that social dialogue can in the future be based on cordial and good faith exchanges between members of the Administration and members of the Staff Committee and that the personal comments addressed to staff trade union representatives in the exercise of their functions will not deteriorate future relations between them.

SACE wishes all staff members a good end of year holiday season and hopes that everyone will be able to rejuvenate themselves with their family, rediscover their roots and come back in 2022 refreshed, full of energy and able to serve our great Organisation and face the many challenges to our values.

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