Recently, some PMO colleagues have anonymously called for help with regard to the difficult situations they are experiencing and which add up over time. This call affects all of them but varies according to the place of assignment and/or the departments affected by the PMO reorganisation.

The Representative Trade Unions and Staff Associations (Unions) and the Central Staff Committee have co-signed a note (attached) to reinforce the need to remedy the unacceptable and dangerous situations described.

At the plenary session of the Central Staff Committee (CSC) in December, a delegation of PMO colleague spoke and was heard. The Union Syndicale Fédérale representatives proposed and obtained two actions from the CSC:

• A new letter from the CSC to stress the urgency of remedying the identified problems
• A request for a meeting at Commissioner Hahn Cabinet level

In addition to these formal elements and the requests already made (attached letter), Union Syndicale Fédérale advocates more specifically for a set of pragmatic measures which make sense and which have already proved to be effective:

• An analysis of the risks of the current situation in the PMO on the basis of Directive 89/391 – Article 6 (1) on health and safety at work, which provides that, within the framework of his responsibilities, the employer shall take the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of workers, including activities relating to the prevention of occupational risks, information and training, and the establishment of the necessary organisation and resources. This analysis must be based primarily on psychosocial risks within the PMO’s various departments on the basis of the following criteria: organisation of work, content of work, working conditions and interpersonal relations.

• The definition of an action plan on the basis of the above analysis.
• The creation of a joint listening chamber (with staff representatives) for PMO colleagues.
• A particular support effort from the social services attached to the medical services in the various places of employment where the PMO is situated (some of these colleagues have already reached them). Of course, with all required guarantees of confidentiality and duty of care.

Finally, Union Syndicale Fédérale asks to meet the competent authorities as soon as possible. We will not be happy that the end-of-year period serves as an excuse for postponing the necessary answers, given the length and seriousness of what our colleagues have postponed. Unfortunately, this period will be an unbearable source of additional anxiety for our PMO colleagues. The institution must give them support and a perspective without delay.

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