Provident Funds : Watch Out !

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Dear Local Agents colleagues, 

We are EXTREMELY CONCERNED of the present ALARMING and SCANDALOUS situation regarding the losses of your Provident Fund contributions, which for the great majority of you is the only pension scheme at the age of retirement.

It is UNACCEPTABLE to have colleagues leaving the Institutions after years of service, with less than they have contributed all these years. 

It is UNACCEPTABLE to have losses related not only to the gained interests but also to your contributions, especially for colleagues who have recently joined the Institution.

It is UNACCEPTABLE for Administration not to assume its responsibility for these losses and to use the economic crisis and the war in Ukraine to justify this improper management of your funds. 

It is UNACCEPTABLE to claim co responsibility since “no-risk” investments do not exist, even though you have never decided for the financial management of your funds, and you are simply being informed after decisions have been made for you.

UNION SYNDICALE has continuously asked over the past years for more transparency and for immediate action to protect the capital invested and avoid negative returns.

UNION SYNDICALE is ready to SUPPORT YOU and provide you with LEGAL HELP in order to get a fair solution to this alarming situation.

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