USF against 2014 Staff Regulations Reform

Special Report, Working conditions

USF is completely against the 2014 Staff Regulations Reform !

The European Union employs about 60 000 staff. Around half (32 000 persons) are employed by the Commission, whose HR budget was €3.2 billion last year, out of €5.5 billion for all EU staff. The Staff Regulations provide the framework for the employment of officials and other staff at the EU institutions, bodies and agencies. After a first far-reaching reform in 2004, the rules were again amended in 2014 in an effort to reduce staff expenditure and further streamline the EU civil service.

The ECA assessed the effectiveness of the 2014 reforms, with a specific focus on the European Commission, which is the largest employer among EU institutions. The auditors examined whether the measures taken achieved the expected budgetary savings, while improving the HR situation. They also looked at how these reforms had been prepared and their consequences monitored. The report is expected to conclude that the 2014 staff reforms are generating big savings, but with consequences on human resources and EU’s attractiveness. Auditors are expected to highlight that both positive results and negative impacts reflect how the 2014 package was designed and implemented. They will make a number of recommendations to better address weaknesses identified and future challenges.

The action brought by Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) against the 2014 Reform of the Staff Regulations will be discussed before the General Court – 8th ChamberTuesday 13 June – 9:30

Salle verte (Thomas More)

T-75/14 USFSPEI -v- Parliament and Council (FR) (Action for annulment and claim for damages – Reform of the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the EU)

Discover here the Law case.

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