Progress for the Executive Agencies


On 23 January 2020, the Directors of the six Executive Agencies (CHAFEA, EACEA, EASME, ERCEA, INEA, REA) and the representative Trade Unions at the European Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the modalities of their mutual interaction, marking a great progress for the Executive Agencies. This memorandum has been elaborated in close cooperation with the Local Staff Committees of the Executive Agencies.

By this Memorandum, the Directors recognise the Trade Unions as partner for discussion and that there is shared interest between Executive Agencies and Trade Unions for the benefit of the staff. The Memorandum shall re-inforce the Social Dialogue in Executive Agencies and link it with the Social Dialogue at the level of the Commission where the general rules are made. If the Executive Agencies do not wish to adopt the Commission rules by analogy, the Directors will inform the Trade Unions. By this memorandum, the Directors also recognise that members of their staff are engaging in Trade Union work.
The Memorandum envisages the preparation of a Framework Agreement within the next two years.

This Memorandum is an important step forward considering the situation from where we departed. Progress is loading for the Executive Agencies ! Can you imagine that until a few years ago Directors of Executive Agencies had not even been willing to meet all the six Staff Committees together in a joint meeting? Now there shall be a meeting twice a year altogether- Directors, Staff Committee members and Trade Union representatives for the benefit of the colleagues in the Executive Agencies.

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