British MEP’s : it’s only a goodbye

Brexit, Special Report

The British MEP’s, hand in hand with those of other nationalities, sing together : It’s only goodbye. The image is strong : sadness and hope.

The Brexit sounded the death knell for an idea of the European Union that could only grow: for the first time, it was shrinking. And this shrinking is not just the exit of a weighty member from the club. It is also the acknowledgement of failure and the threat that others may seek the path of the wide-open door.

There is nothing to blame in a process that, however tormented, has occurred in accordance with democratic rules. There are, however, many lessons to be learned from both sides.

Union Syndicale expects the new Commission to be able to give new impetus to the idea of Europe by building a sense of belonging not only among the Member States but, above all, among citizens. That it is prepared to defend its own values of democracy, solidarity and progress.

No doubt these values are shared by the British people (as well as British MEPs) and that in the face of rising populism and racism we will one day find ourselves together again.

If you want to know more about the whole process that led to Brexit, we have written a dossier of dedicated articles here.

Excerpt from an article by RTBF :

The MEPs gave their approval without surprise by 621 votes in favour, 49 against and 13 abstentions. The opponents are mainly cross-Channel MEPs from the centrist Renew, Social Democrat and Green groups. This was the last major step in the ratification of the agreement, three and a half years after the Brexit referendum and almost half a century after the UK’s accession.

Immediately after the vote, which sealed the departure of the British MEP’s, many MEPs joined hands in the Chamber and sang the Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne” (It’s only goodbye), some waving scarves in the colours of the British and European flags.

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