The cost of living has soared in a way not seen in decades.

This increase, which impacts all staff categories and especially the lowest salaries, is at least partly compensated for officials, temporary agents and contractual agents serving in the EU institutions and bodies by the automatic salary adjustment (“la méthode”).

Unfortunately, there are some young people who are remunerated by the Commission, but suffer more than others from the rising cost of living, as they do not receive any remuneration increase to cope with it.

We are talking about the trainees, whose remuneration (“reimbursement of expenses”), the same since many years now and already insufficient before the outbreak of the crisis, has become totally inadequate.

Some lucky ones who may have a family able to support them manage to keep lining under decent conditions; for the large majority, even a simple meal in one of the Commission’s canteens has become a luxury.

We ask Commissioners Gabriel and Hahn to spend some time on this issue, which affects a few hundred young people and deserves urgent consideration.

The Executive Committee
Union Syndicale Brussels

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