NO to harassment !!!

Harassment, Special Report

Union Syndicale says no to harassment!

The wave of revelations on recent events reported in the media has prompted many women from all walks of life to break out of silence and make similar testimonies public.

The European Parliament, where we would expect our elected representatives to behave in an exemplary manner, is not spared, according to the numerous testimonies received on harassment. Reactions were forthcoming. On 23 October, on the eve of a plenary debate in Parliament on combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU, a group of MEPs sent a message to Antonio Tajani, President of Parliament, asking him to formally condemn these acts and to ensure zero tolerance in this area. In the same message, the authors acknowledged the existence of cases of sexual harassment in Parliament,
encouraged victims to break the silence and the Administration to take action, while calling on MEPS and agents to show solidarity with the victims.

In his reply, President Tajani vigorously condemned these practices and took stock of the measures already in place in Parliament to counter harassment, against which he undertook to observe zero tolerance. Its documented response also highlights the broader phenomenon of psychological harassment, which affects women and men indiscriminately, with consequences ranging from work-related discomfort to suicide and inability to work. In particular, we recall the known cases of harassment at the Court of Auditors and the European Parliament, the first having been buried, the second having led to compensation for the two victims, not for harassment, bur for unlawful dismissal and the EP‘s refusing to deal with their harassment complaints.

Read here the tract “Union Syndicale says no to harassment”.

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