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As March is considered as a month to encourage equality for everyone, Union Syndicale reminds you that certain rights are still denied to women. Maternity leave and the right to breastfeeding breaks are in most institutions already acquired, but what about other rights for which everything remains to be done?

Inequalities affect women much more than men: they lack pay balance, they do not always have access to teleworking which would enable them to reconcile private and professional life. They face a glass ceiling for high responsibility positions. It is damaging for society as a whole that such cleavages still exist.
Union Syndicale has been promoting women’s rights since its creation (and not just in March ! Our colleagues are on all fronts, every day of the year) but also the absence of men in the debate on their rights. It is necessary to include them in order to build an egalitarian society where every person would benefit from the same rights.

In 2004, thanks to Union Syndicale, the European Civil Service Staff Regulations included parental leave with an allowance for both parents, family leave, but also more specific leave, in particular to allow parents to take care of their sick child or a family member who needs it.

Other measures still need to be taken in order to provide a healthy and non-hostile working environment for everyone, such as the fight against harassment (our representatives are actively fighting for a clear definition) whether at work, in the public space or in the digital sphere.

We recall here the different rights in force in your institutions but also those of your companion, so that man and woman climb together, on an equal footing, the human rights ladder (and so that each parent can participate in the education of his child and accompany him in his first moments without having to compromise with his spouse) :

– Right to maternity leave
– Right to breastfeeding breaks
– Right to parental leave
– Entitlement to part-time work if you have a dependent child (up to the child’s 12th birthday)
– Entitlement to special leave if your child or a dependant is sick.
– New directive for the implementation of the 95% part-time work formula without reduction in salary in accordance with the decision.

If you would like to follow our actions or even support Union Syndicale, do not hesitate to contact your section representative.

For further information (only in french) :

New guidelines for the implementation of the 95% part-time work formula without reduction in salary (exceptional family circumstances)

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