Réduction du personnel dans les Agences et la réponse

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Bruxelles, le 24 février 2016


Note for the attention of Mr Junker, President of the EU Commission, and of Mrs Georgieva, Vice-President

Dear Mr. President,
Dear Ms Vice-President,

Subject: Staff reduction in the European Agencies

In the framework of the decision taken by the European Council in 2013 to reduce staff in the EU civil service by 5% across the board, the Commission has imposed a staff reduction of in a series of decentralized bodies and Agencies of the European Union, to be implemented by the end of this year.

Considering that some Agencies had no scope för staff cuts or were still in a growing phase (such as EASO, Europol or Frontex), the Commission has decided that other Agencies, the so-called “cruising speed Agencies”, should undergo heavier staff losses to ensure the 5% average for all Agencies. While a reasonable number of posts can be shed by natural turnover (retirements and non-renewal of contracts), this cannot be achieved in every Agency. Moreover, staff cuts up to 10% would seriously endanger the operational capacity of several Agencies even among those at “cruising speed” because the Commission keeps on asking them to do more with less and they have reached the point of being obliged to refuse further tasks.

Given the difficulties thus encountered by appointing authorities, management and staff in decentralised bodies, it appears necessary to discuss a series of measures for a more flexible staff policy.

Union Syndicale Fédérale would therefore make the following proposals, which would be equally advantageous for all Agencies, their staff, and of course for the Commission.

Firstly, we would request that the deadline for the staff cuts in question be extended to 2020 or beyond, so as to take into account the specific constraints of each Agency.

Secondly, we strongly urge you to avoid any dismissal of staff (by termination or non-renewal of contracts). This process must not be conducted on the backs of our colleagues. Please find a way to propose continued employment (possibly on other sites) to all staff.

Thirdly, always based on the principle that giving people prospects •for career development is beneficial to both the employers and the employed, we would like to table the proposal of regular specific competitions which would give a chance to contractual and temporary agents to become established as officials and change their place of work. The positions they would vacate could then be redeployed or simply disappear according to the reduction of posts scheme.

We would be happy to discuss those proposals and any other plans for the improvement of career development prospects, within the expected negotiation/consultation processes.

We would therefore like to request a meeting with you to discuss these proposals at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,


USF President



Vice–President for the European Agencies



Ms Souka, Director General DG HR

Directors of the EU agencies


La lettre n’existe qu’en anglais !

Find the response to this letter here!

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