The European Union is NOT FOR SALE !


The staff of the European institutions is deeply shocked by the corruption scandal (Quatargate) involving the European Parliament, the scope of which are still far from being defined.

First of all, we congratulate the Belgian judiciary and police for their effectiveness in discovering this shameful situation and in prosecuting those responsible. We call on the authorities of the EU and the Member States to relentlessly pursue their investigations in order to establish the whole truth, including the possible inconvenient truths.

The European Union has left lobbyists with large private and public interests (including from third countries) an intolerable margin of intervention in defining and implementing its policies. It is now essential to continue the cleaning work and to identify and punish those responsible in all relevant areas. Mention should be made of the ‘revolving doors’ problem, which tarnishes the image of the European Institutions, especially the Commission.

The recent scandal shakes the European Union and its management. It impacts the trust of all European citizens in those who are supposed to represent them and embody the values of democracy on our continent.

This has undermined the quantity and quality of staff’s continuous efforts to promote the European project for many years.

We will not give up on the unacceptable behavior of a few who undermine the European project and discredit the European civil service that carries it at arm’s length. These events will not discourage the staff of the Commission and the other European Institutions. They will continue to work tirelessly in the general interest, not only of the citizens of the European Union but of the multitude of those around the world who aspire to democracy based on the rule of law and respect for human rights also.

In order to restore its transparency and the citizens’ trust, Europe must prove that it is enabled to clean up itself and work in the public interest.

To all those who believe that they can destroy the reputation of those who dedicate their lives to the European institutions; or to all those who seek to destroy the European civil service, which is by definition democratic and independent of national interests and multinational companies.

We say: No, the European Union is not for sale! We are not for sale, and we will continue to fight for the European ideal and its values.

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