Emergency Resolution on EPO


The Member Organisations of Union Syndicale Fédérale, gathered in Congress in Bratislava, adopted on 2 June 2019 an emergency resolution on the situation of EPO staff and the unfair treatment of SUEPO trade unionists. Adopted unanimously, this emergency resolution was forwarded to the Director and the Governing Board of the EPO as soon as the Congress closed.



  • that EPO has been heavily criticized in the media for its anti-staff and authoritarian policies since 2014;
  • that Staff representatives and SUEPO Committee members have been unfairly sanctioned and/or dismissed in the last 5 years;
  • that the lack of respect for the Rule of law at the EPO in that same period has prompted the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to debate the matter and adopt resolutions.


  • that almost one year after the arrival of a new President the social situation has not substantially improved;
  • that the root causes of these problems and the anti-staff policies of the previous administration are still in place;
  • that the painful situation of most of the Staff representatives and SUEPO Committee members unfairly sanctioned and/or dismissed remains unchanged;
  • that negotiations between the EPO President and SUEPO are being launched…


Read the rest here : Emergency resolution (EN)

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