Victories : Union Syndicale on all fronts!


An avalanche of victories for Union Syndicale and its representatives! The current period is full of equations with many unknowns, but one thing is certain: solidarity is still not an obsolete concept in the European institutions.

Our colleagues at SUEPO The Hague and in Berlin won a great victory in the Staff Committee elections: all the seats (17 !) went to our Union Syndicale representatives!

Never two without three, a resounding victory for Union Syndicale at Cedefop (3 seats out of 3 in the Staff Committee elections !), which, we remind you, did not actually recognise the unions as social partners until March 2020. Long-term negotiations that saw solidarity prevail once again.

These victories are a fine proof of the confidence on the part of the staff of these institutions in their Union Syndicale representatives. It should be noted that, despite the coronavirus crisis, trade union action is not to be outdone, that our representatives remain attentive (via other channels, certainly) to staff and continue to protect their rights and denounce any infringement of the working conditions of staff of the European institutions.

We salute the excellent work of Union Syndicale representatives at the European Patent Office (SUEPO TH and SUEPO Berlin) and at Cedefop. Congratulations on their well-deserved victory!

And as it is often the main interested parties who speak best about it, here are a few messages from our representatives.


  • SUEPO The Hague :


Landslide victory for SUEPO TH list in the 2020 Staff Committee Elections at the European Patent Office in The Hague.


In the recent Staff Committee elections at the European Patent Office (EPO) in The Hague the candidates of the SUEPO TH* list have won all 17 available seats. The remaining 3 non-elected candidates among the 20 candidates of the SUEPO TH list are the first non-elected and will be on a reserve list, ready to fill the vacant seats in case of retirement.

It is a true landslide victory for SUEPO TH, with all of its candidates scoring well above any of the other candidates participating in the elections. It is also a sign of the trust Staff has in SUEPO TH, its programs, its activities and its policy.

This very positive electoral result gives a strong mandate to the new Staff Committee, and reinforces the role and representativeness of SUEPO. It also sends a clear message to the management of the EPO.


Roberto Righetti

USF FB Member

On behalf of SUEPO TH


*SUEPO TH stands for Staff Union of EPO The Hague / In French, USOEB, Union Syndicale OEB La Haye

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