The 12 works of H(e)Rcules OR the NON response of CALUX

Arty Kyramarios

Formally, the CALUX (the group of Heads of administration of EU Institutions and Bodies based in Luxembourg) produced its 12 actions (Attractiveness of the Luxembourg site) that should serve the purpose of solving the longstanding and growing attractiveness issue of Luxembourg.

As most tales:

–        its origin is lost in the limbo of time. Like Homers tales, no one really knows when it was written or by whom. That set was probably produced many years ago, even before the so called High Level Group (that as formally produced it on behalf of the CALUX) was created;

–        it is composed of a canonical set of 12 actions even though there might be, like Hercules works, more… or less… than 12 actions, no one really knows. Besides, some are claimed to be implemented or started, some have not started, some might not start until…;

–        like Hercules works too their version are unclear. Their effective content and interpretation is similar to the Gospels, they are many

(ZK apr2022 mesures attractivitécourrier News Curia and  Luxembourg Commission initiative – new measures) ;

like the Bible the underlying promises of better times and conditions depends on each one ecumenical interpretation, which itself depends on each individual understanding and beliefs.

–        like the Bible too they seem shared to make people accept their life on earth, that it will be harsh and that they will work in open spaces without dedicated office (hot-desking), be underpaid and with an ever decreasing relative income;

Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg is under the impression that the Luxembourg motion (Motion attractivity above) is wishful thinking. Why would Luxembourg solve the ‘foreigners’ situation while they cannot solve their on nationals ones? Moreover, Commissioner Hahn recently indicated that a Corrective Coefficient would cost hundreds of millions a year to the Budget. In time of war and inflation, are the Member States evidently going to promote or accept such an increase of the EU Budget?

Staff that contacted Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg shared a general feeling of continuous postponement of their concerns, a feeling of being fooled again like with the Georgieva-Asselborn Agreement that effectively failed. Will real solutions be again postponed to Greek calends?

Still Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg believes that if there is a will there is a way and hopes for that unlike the Bible ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ one would not have to wait for the afterlife to benefit from better working and living conditions.

For all these reasons, Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg calls the highest political authority of the Commission to act starting by coming to Luxembourg to explain in physical presence to the Staff what these 12 actions are really meaning and how, and more importantly when, they are going to enhance Staff life, especially the life of our colleagues with the lowest incomes. Let it be reminded that these colleagues are more touched by the longstanding attractiveness situation and additionally by the recent conjuncture.

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