USF Activity Report 2015-2019


USF’s 2015-2019 activity report was presented at the first session of the Bratislava Congress on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The Congress adopted the 2015-2019 activity report of the Federal Committee presented by Bernd Loescher.

The Federal Committee’s priorities were:

  • Strengthen the federal identity at all levels, increase synergy between member organizations (regular organization of federal committees and offices in order to be as close as possible to the problems encountered by member organizations) ;
  • strengthen USF’s presence and influence at EPSU and ISP (active participation in EPSU campaigns);
  • modernize the union’s communications (website, social networks, Agora magazine);
  • strengthen USF’s presence and influence in the Agencies (numerous negotiations underway);
  • fight against harassment in the workplace (legal defense, day of action);
    fight against TISA (attempt to prevent the ratification of the free trade treaty as it poses a threat to the sovereignty of our democratic societies).

The 2015-2019 Activity Report provides an overview of the issues to be addressed in the next mandate, as well as an excellent basis for reflection and discussion on the next challenges that USF will have to face.

Read the entire 2015-2019 Activity Report

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