USF Priority : Ending Harassment

Harassment, Special Report

USF top priority : ending harassment

“While officials and other agents are in theory protected against all forms of harassment, it is often difficult, or even impossible, to obtain effective protection when one is confronted with acts of harassment. That is why, while it does not hesitate to bring legal proceedings when justified, even against highly placed personalities, Union Syndicale is working hard to improve the informal procedures which, if they were correctly implemented, should always provide the best solution. It also makes available to its members very experienced advisers and advocates on the matter.” (abstract from news on USF web site “Harrassment and Court Procedures”

At its Dubrovnik Congress (2015), the USF made harassment (moral and sexual harassment) one of its priorities. To this end, the USF Federal Committee has set up a working group which is currently carrying out substantive work so as to draw up a set of rules, inspired by the most progressive legislation, on how to deal with complaints of harassment . Our aim is to pushing for the establishment of legally binding internal rules in institutions, in order to ensure better protection and fairer treatment of agents, in respect, fairness and dignity. This set of rules is due to be submitted to the next USF Congress in Bratislava, in June 2018 as USF top priority is to end harassment, and sooner, the better !

Link to Dubrovnik Resolution on Harassment and psycho-social risks 

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