Danish affiliates: threat of massive lockout


Solidarity with Danish affiliates – employers threaten massive lockout

We are asking all EPSU affiliates to send messages of solidarity to our colleagues in Denmark who are facing a major conflict. The unions have been trying to negotiate a new collective agreement to keep public sector pay in line with wage developments in the private sector. The employers have not only failed to come up with a reasonable offer but have threatened a massive lockout across the state and municipal sectors. In order to strengthen their negotiating position the unions had announced plans for targeted strike action at the beginning of April involving around 10% of the public sector workforce. The employer response was to say that they will lockout 90% of state workers and 50% of municipal employees.

The unions believe that the employers are deliberately escalating the dispute in order to get the government involved. For the unions such government intervention would be a disaster for the Danish collective bargaining system. Please see the letter from our Danish affiliates attached to this circular.

The unions are planning a mass meeting of up to 10.000 trade union representatives on 22nd March and they are asking for messages of solidarity to be sent. They would particularly appreciate 30-second video messages that they could show at the meeting.

Please send your messages to foa@foa.dk.

You can read here the EPSU* circular.

*The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) brings together trade unions from across Europe. We influence the policies and decisions of employers, governments and European institutions that affect public service workers, their families and communities. We mobilise for action and change and are committed to achieving another, social Europe.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) represents 8 million public service workers across Europe. We are the strong trade union voice that workers need, whether that’s with employers, the European Parliament, the Commission or national governments.

For more information : Letter from Danish affiliates

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