During USF 16th Congress on May 2023, we had a chance to talk and discuss with Nadja Salson on the role of trade unions in shaping the digitalisation in public service. The trade union must have the right to collective bargaining on digitalization. The government or public authority should not think that digitalization is a means to cut down on the workforce. Digitalisation would certainly change the content of jobs and how we work, but it does not mean that we need less staff. There is always a degree of complexity that can not be left to digital means.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Exciting News from our Congress!
We were honored to have Brando Benifei, Vice-president of European Movement International (EMI), who joined us through a special video message. This presence carries significance for our organization, as we deeply resonate with the shared values and aspirations of EMI.

Strengthen Europe and its Public Service ! Solidarity is our DNA

A few words from President of USF


Our generation is witnessing a unique situation in history. The Covid popped up in our lives and will always remain in our collective memory as the trigger for a new revolution in the organisation of work. The Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered an energy crisis which has a considerable impact on the purchasing power. It reminds us that we can not take peace in our ” Common House Europe”, for granted. Despite all these crises, USF is relentlessly pursuing its mission to consolidate the fundamental values of the European public service: solidarity at the service of social progress, because the decision to have a European public service is a decision that builds the European Union.

To continue our mission, I am pleased to invite all the member organisations of USF (21 in the European institutions and agencies across our continent) to Alicante for the 16th Congress of Union Syndicale Fédérale. There, we shall share our ideas. We shall reflect together on the strategies to be implemented. We shall debate and decide what we will do together to maintain our commitment for serving the citizens of Europe. In short, we will lay the foundations for our USF future, together.

Let me remind you that this page contains important information on the different organisational aspects of the Congress. Please refer to it as often as necessary or contact the Federal Bureau via our Secretariat at Union Syndicale headquarters if you need clarification. I hope to see you all at this major democratic event of our trade union federation.

Beyond the discussions and arguments, may this Congress be a moment of reconnection after too long a period spent meeting each other behind our screens.

Sincerely. Fraternally.

Nicolas Mavraganis

Documents submitted to the Congress

The main themes of the Congress are digitalisation, internal training of the Union Syndicale, the status of labor rights (precariousness short-term contracts, privatisation –subcontracting, wage tension, social security), sustainable development, financial regulation, etc.

From the Federal Committee

Below you will find the draft agenda as well as several texts adopted by the Federal Committee. Part of these documents can be amended by the member organisations until 21st of Avril. The amendment must be transmitted to the federal bureau. List validated by the federal committee on February 4, 2023


From Member Organisations

Member Organisations wishing to submit draft resolutions to the Congress must do so before March 06, 2023 (deadline). All documents received by the Federal Bureau will be uploaded on this page. They can be amended until the 21st of April. Any text received after this deadline will not be subject to debate or decision at the Congress (with the exception of documents prepared by the Congress working groups).

Nomination of delegates to the congress

Member organisations have until April 6, 2023 at 12h00 to nominate their delegation. No nominations will be accepted after this deadline. Please send complete information (name, first name + ID card/ Passport + date of birth) and the date and the time of their arrival in Alicante.

Please specify if there are any special needs (disabled access, food allergies, etc.)

After the 6th of April 2023, USF will cancel any unbooked rooms. As a consequence, the Member Organisations will have to organise  all accommodation for their delegates at their own expense. 


Member Organisations are invited to send proposal for amendment to the resolutions from the Federal Committee or the Member Organisations before 21 April 2023This will allow all MOs to discuss the proposals locally before coming to the Congress and will facilitate smooth decision-making during the Congress. No amendment should be accepted after the deadline.

Practical Information

The federal bureau will meet in the afternoon of the 5th of May. the rooms will be available for the bureau member starting from the 4th of May.

The federal committee will meet at 10h00 on the 6th of May. The rooms will be available for the members starting from the 5th of May.

The Congress will be held in Alicante, Spain, from Saturday, May 6, 14h00, to Tuesday, May 9, 13h00.

The NH Hotel will host the congress (including lunches and dinners). The breakfast is served either in NH or in AC Hotel depending on your appointed hotel. Please note that you can not switch the place for the breakfast.

The use of the minibar is at the expense of the delegates. Smoking is not allowed in the room. In case of a fire alarm, the occupant will be charged for the intervention. All other expenses are to be paid by the delegates.

The reservations of rooms and meals are covered by the USF. Reaching Alicante and your hotel in Alicante is covered by the Member Organisations.

Date and time:

Saturday, 6 May 2023 at 14h00 to Tuesday, 9 May 2023 at 13h00

The venue of the event:

NH Hotel Alicante. Carrer de Mexico, 18, 03008 Alicante, Spain Telephone: +34 965 10 81 40

How to get to NH Hotel Alicante

(Please note that the hotels do not provide shuttle or taxi bookings. USF secretariat is not organising group transfers from and to the airport)

From the airport

Bus: Take the C6 to Elche Cercanías, then the Cercanías 27 to Mexico 30
Cab: 15-minute ride at a cost of approximately €20.

From the train station

From the Estación Alicante terminal: take the C6 bus to Elche-Parque San Gabriel.

By car

GPS coordinates of the hotel: 38.336395°N -0.507218°W
Parking: On site, at a cost of 15 € per day. The parking space cannot be reserved.

How to get to AC Hotel Alicante

Avinguda d’Elx, 3, 03008 Alacant, Spain
Telephone: +34 965 12 01 78

Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC)

This hotel does not provide a shuttle service.

Estimated cab fare: 20 EUR (one way)
Bus service, fee: 3.85 EUR (one way)

Bus station :

Alicante Bus Station 0.5 km N from hotel

Train station

Alicante Train Station 0.7 km N from hotel