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Proceedings of the 15th USF Congress

Attila Vajnai : speech at USF Congress

Mr Attila Vajnai, President of the Council of Presidents of the European Left Party was the guest of the 15th Congress of USF. He intervened on the issue of the rise of nationalism in Europe. Excerpt from his speech: Dear members of Union Syndical Federal, dear comrades, On behalf of the party of the European Left, I would like first of all to thank you very much for your invitation. We are glad to be [...]

Congress Emergency Resolution on EPO

The Member Organisations of Union Syndicale Fédérale, gathered in Congress in Bratislava, adopted on 2 June 2019 an emergency resolution on the situation of EPO staff and the unfair treatment of SUEPO trade unionists. Adopted unanimously, this emergency resolution was forwarded to the Director and the Governing Board of the EPO as soon as the Congress closed. Excerpt: Considering that EPO has been heavily criticized in the media for its anti-staff and authoritarian policies since [...]

Congress Political Resolution

The 15th USF Congress has taken a political resolution. Neoliberal policies, by weakening large sections of society, have paved the way for the rise of forces that are working for the disintegration of Europe. The European public service is the backbone of the European project and must be defended against nationalism by all those who support European integration. On this will depend not only our jobs and their quality, but also the future of the [...]

IO’s to comply with European Social Charter

Resolution : enabling IO's (International Organisations) to comply with the European Social Charter The USF Congress invites the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, especially the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, to take this suggestion into account and consider recommending a follow-up by the bodies and instruments available at the Council of Europe. Member Organisations of USF shall also now suggest that their employer organisations include a reference to the ESC within [...]

Resolution on contractual precarity in EPS

The USF Congress adopted a resolution concerning the contractual precarity in the European Public Service. The Congress is convinced that a fair contract management policy, respectful of the rights enshrined in the European Social Charter and the relevant European directives, is the only guarantee of the competence, independence and permanence of the European public service whose role, in the light of worrying trends unfolding in Europe, is more necessary today than ever. Resolution on precarity [...]

Resolution on digital transformation

The Congress sets a series of specific priorities for USF and the Federal Committee in particular, under the form of a resolution on digital transformation in the world of work : support the implementation of the digital environment with a view to maximising its benefits and reducing its disadvantages for workers; avoid job losses for workers; avoid a decline in the quality of work ; protect the contractual status of workers, particularly in the face [...]

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