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The negotiations between the staff representatives and the Administration on the new Decision against sexual and psychological harassment have started. Union Syndicale notes that the Administration’s proposal is far from the framework intended for by the implementing laws in the Member States: The text meets the new working conditions under Directive 89/391, which is the reference in the Member States.  However, this Directive calls for a new analysis of occupational health and safety risks.  This analysis should be based on the plan for preventing psychological and sexual harassment which the Administration should have drawn up for a long time [...]

USF calls the Commission to follow EUAA management situation closely

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Individuals staff members and the local staff committee have contacted USF in order to complain and raise concerns with regards to human ressources management and ethic issues at EUAA  Agency (Malta). Following repeated complaints and articles published in the European press , on 4th July USF President, was mandated by Federal Committe to contact by letter Mrs Nina Gregori EUAA's Executive Director, in order to discuss the situation and fine a way to re-establish a climate of serenity and trust. Mrs Gregori replied on her 1st of August 2022's letter that she wished to receive more information on the nature [...]


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UNION SYNDICALE ASKS THE COMMISSION TO INTERVENE Brussels, 3 October 2022 Interpreters from the European Commission, the European Parliament and freelance met in General Meeting on 16 September 2022.  The aim of this assembly is to draw up a resolution addressed to the President of the Commission calling for a solution to the growing problem of the use of so-called ‘interpretation platforms’. For two years, as a result of Covid, interpreters have been working in part in remote interpretation mode using digital tools that are far from up to date with current technology.  The quality of sound that is neither [...]

Stop the cost of living crisis: increase pay and limit profits!

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This crisis is due to excess profits! Workers, especially those with the lowest incomes, are the first victims of this crisis, which is affecting both their pay and their buying capacity. To face this cost of living crisis, employers, governments and the EU must urgently take a number of measures to ensure, among others - Increased wages; - a cap on gas and electricity prices; - a reform of the functioning of the European energy market; - a tax on profits for a better distribution of wealth; - financial help for the most disadvantaged people. This is what many trade [...]

Letter from USF to EUAA

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At the Federal Committee meeting on July 2nd, the President of the USF was mandated to organize a meeting with the EUAA agency in order to discuss the situation and find the most appropriate ways to restore a climate of serenity and trust. Indeed, some dysfunctions have been reported by employees and it seems that they are incompatible with the principles of each institution and public entity. This information relates to : repeated episodes of mismanagement and non-compliance with the principles of legality and impartiality by which any public administration must be guided. serious loopholes in social dialogue and respect [...]


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During this meeting at Berlaymont on 14th of June 2022, various topics were discussed, including the new budget and human resources strategy. Budget The current context is not favorable. Inflation, which is rising above 2%, GDP drop, Ukraine war and the rise in gas prices will have an impact on the budget for the coming years. As a result, budgetary constraints are weighing on the administration. Some Member States could put the debate on retirement age on the table… Contract agents The staff representatives welcomed the new HR strategy and stress the need to support contract agents, who should have [...]

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