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10 November 201610 November 2016

TiSA – ITUC – OnLine

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TiSA : Trade in Services Agreement is Bad News for Workers and Communities 10 novembre 2016 As trade negotiators representing 50 countries meet behind closed doors to try and finalise the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) before the end of the year, the ITUC has released a new analysis of leaked information about the deal “All about TiSA : Everything you didn’t know about the Trade in Services Agreement”. The report sets out how a TiSA agreement would concentrate more power in the hands of multinational corporations, put a stranglehold on vital government regulation, undo the limited progress which [...]

01 November 201601 November 2016

CETA – Rejection

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Joint Statement : 455 European and Canadian civil society groups call for rejection of CETA November 2016 We, the undersigned civil society organisations from Canada and Europe, hereby express our deep concern about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada. During the long process of the deal’s negotiations and legal check, we repeatedly pointed out major problems with the CETA text. We provided concrete inputs, which could have triggered a shift towards a more transparent and democratic trade policy with the protection of the environment and people’s fundamental rights at its core. But our concerns [...]

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