RCAM, our Sickness Insurance Scheme

//RCAM, our Sickness Insurance Scheme
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AGORA 81 – The Internet, powered and enriched, has revolutionized our lives – and in the workplace…

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Digital revolution : emerging issues AGORA 81 - SUMMARY   *Page 4 Suzette Saint-Marc Editorial - EN It is so commonplace and easy nowadays to access extensive documentation, services or products marketed online in a few clicks, that we tend to forget how much this fabulous tool that is the [...]

Digital revolution – EPSU fights for a trustworthy artificial intelligence use…

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Digital revolution... Artificial intelligence... Newsletter EPSU - 06 February 2019 EPSU fights for a trustworthy artificial intelligence use that supports rather than substitutes public service workers! digitalisation and workers - artificial intelligence (4 February 2019) In January EPSU contributed to a public consultation on draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy artificial [...]

Round Table: “Well-Being at Work” – 15 FEB 2019

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After the organisation of the European Day of the Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) on "Harassment at the workplace" on 23 October 2018, USF is organising a round table to raise awareness of Harassment at work, as part of its actions against this scourge. in partnership with Staff association of ACP, [...]