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Eurocontrol press release about Deloitte report

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ETF STATEMENT: EUROCONTROL – DELOITTE REPORT Since last EUROCONTROL Provisional Council, ETF has been following the development of the “Deloitte Report” which aimed to implement some reforms including staff regulations and for which very little information and details were given to the concerned parties making all the 17 given recommendations unclear. Therefore, [...]

Agora 87, precariousness in the EU institutions

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Discover our brand new Agora 87, about precariousness in the European Public Service: Editorial : In this new Agora 87 on precariousness, Frances McFadden and Isabelle Gossart tell us how they too have experienced precariousness, each in their own way. Overview of contracts in the European institutions: In her [...]

Internal competitions for UK members

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Participation of UK Members of the Commission Staff to internal competitions During the United Kingdom's exit process from the E.U., the Commission, especially by the then Commissioner in charge of Administration and Personnel, Gunther Oettinger, repeatedly stated that British staff could rely on the fact that their acquired rights and [...]

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