These are our members who talk about it best…

Union Syndicale represents all the staff of the European Public Service (EPS), without distinction of nationalities, religious convictions, political opinions, categories or statutes. Founded in 1973, Union Syndicale is today the most representative union on all European institutions and international organizations.

Véra L., USB Commission


When I joined the European Commission, I chose to join Union Syndicale because it is the strongest union. There were more than 10 other unions, some with somewhat far-fetched proposals, but only the US had this seriousness and that concern of the members. Union Syndicale sits on the Staff Committee, but also on many other joint committees in which we negotiate our rights, our working conditions, our remuneration, our promotions …

The US is also massively present in other institutions: I was assured that my union would follow me throughout my career.

Union Syndicale was my choice, because solidarity is our business

Markus W., US-Consilium


I’ve been a contract agent for a few years and then I decided to take exams. As a member of Union Syndicale, I was able to follow the training courses they organized as soon as the opening of an EPSO competition was published. They have a partnership with two training organizations, which have been set up for years. It’s really serious! Preparations are also accessible to the members’ family. I was even able to buy, at preferential rates, all the books to train me in the tests!Thus, it was no longer possible for me to fail in this competition.

Today, I can say that my entry into the European civil service, I owe a little to the US.

I succeeded in the competitions with the US, Me + You = US

Annett B., Union Syndicale EEAS


9 months ago, a new head of unit arrived in my service . For me, this was the beginning of a long descent into hell. It went wrong from the beginning and I began to feel the pressure and all kind of remarks about the quality of work. Then, one of my colleagues had a serious accident and I saw my workload increase dramatically. I managed to cope with all this for a few weeks, then I was victim of a burnout. I then turned to my union, Union Syndicale, which immediately took care of me with an appointment with one of their lawyers. Together, we first discussed the strategy to adopt, and then we filed the case.

I benefited from the prices that US negotiated with 2 law firms specialized in European law.

A high-standard legal service, with the US I got help and assistance

Hamid A-M, US-Cedefop


I work in one of the many Agencies spread across the EU, and the least we can say is that the respect for the Statute is too much forgotten. The people who work there are nevertheless very engaged professionals. This does not prevent the directors from cutting back on the means by abusively using precarious jobs, to quibble on working conditions or working time. When I joined the Union Syndicale of my Agency, I measured the extent to which we belonged to the Federation (USF) gave us weight with the Administration during the negotiations, as well as credit with the staff (all categories).

Being heard is essential! Being defended, both collectively and individually, is fundamental.

US is present in many Agencies, that's our strength and our difference!