The importance of “continuity of service” is discussed in our Staff Matters concerning pension rights

This issue of Staff Matters #5 deals with a recent decision of the Court on pension rights, particularly on the question whether there is a continuity of service for the EU and – related to this – whether previous, more beneficial, provisions on pension apply, although the official during most of her career has not worked in the Commission, but within EU agencies with new temporary contracts.

The pensionable age is 66 years for staff entering service as of 1 January 2014. Pensions are paid as a percentage of the final basic salary, with a ceiling of 70%, at an accrual rate of 1.8% per year of service. In a simplified description, for those staff members who entered service between 1 May 2004 and 31 December 2013 a higher accrual rate of 1.9% per year and a lower pensionable age of 63 years applies (for details see the transition rules in Art. 21, 22 Annex XIII SR). Thus, the provisions that apply to the pension of a staff member are more beneficial if the entry into service took place at an earlier date.

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