Staff Committee elections at the Council

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Staff Committee elections at the Council

Union Syndicale presents a list of 30 candidates for  the Staff Committee elections of the General Secretariat of the Council.

All the candidates are motivated and want to regain a majority on the Staff Committee in order to be able to implement their programme. The first point of the programme is to have an inclusive Staff Committee, which truly represents all staff. This is because the electoral system at the Council usually gives an overwhelming majority to a single list and other unions are then excluded from any meaningful participation. We want to put an end to this drift. The referendum organised in 2014 to introduce a proportional voting system was not counted on the pretext that the turnout was (slightly) below 50%, and we have therefore decided to propose to all the unions represented on the Committee to participate fully and meaningfully in the work of the Committee and its Bureau.

In this way we want to put into practice our campaign slogan: YOU + ME = US. Only together can we effectively face the challenges ahead.

In our programme you will find out what we want to do in the Staff Committee.

  • more humane staff management
  • For an effective evaluation system and more predictable promotions
  • For the improvement of the situation of contract agents
  • For stable jobs: permanent task = permanent job!
  • For real work/life balance
  • For NWOW that benefit everyone
  • For better prospects at LING
  • For a real fight against harassment
  • For a review of JSIS

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