The Union Syndicale Ispra-Seville (US-I) is the longest running staff representation at the Ispra site. As in the past, US-I currently participates actively in the conciliations and meetings with the national and EU authorities in order to :

  • Preserve free and independent Community research ;
  • Give support on the social aspects for you and your family (European school, AIACE, …) ;
  • Improve the Staff Regulations ;
  • Fight against insecurity and uncertainty ;
  • Defend the Method and salary adjustments ;
  • Act to protect pensions ;
  • Define career structures ;
  • Ensure the correct application of promotion procedures ;
  • Guarantee the correct attribution of the various allowances ;
  • Improve the health insurance reimbursement system ;
  • Defend the regulations for shift work and on-call duty ;

and much more besides!

In-depth knowledge of the dossiers, determination and reliability, have always been and will remain to be the qualities that US-I offers to all the Staff !

US-I provides legal assistance that could be useful in the case of statutory or personal problems and helps you to prepare for the EPSO competitions through the distribution of educational tools such as textbooks and the organisation of specific training courses.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about our representation, do not hesitate to contact us :
Union Syndicale Ispra JRC – European Commission
TP 630 – I-21020 Ispra (VA)
Tel. : +39 0332 789031 – Fax : +39 0332 789729
E-mail : or
WWW : USF – Ispra

President : Monica Ermolli

Tracts (US-I)

*Elections – Poster A4 – IT and EN … 20180423 – USF – Ispra – Elections affiche A4 – IT et EN

*Elections – Poster A3 – EN … 20180423 – USF – Ispra – Elections affiche A3 – EN