EPSU CJ is a non-profit association created on September 19th 2007 in Luxembourg.

Its purpose is to involve officials, agents or pensioners of the Court of Justice of the European Union in solidarity with those of other European institutions and bodies and with the world of work in general.

Its origins: EPSU CJ came out of a split of Union Syndicale Luxembourg, in which it was part of the pro-federal minority movement. However, its full affiliation with the Union Syndicale Federation (USF) had to wait until the Federal Congress in Dubrovnik in May 2015.

It works for the reconstruction of the USF in Luxembourg in close collaboration with the USF-Lux and the US European Parliament.

EPSU CJ is the only representative staff organisation at the Court of Justice, which allows it to also participate in consultations with the Council. In addition, it participates in consultations with the Commission under the cover of the USF.

WEBSITE: http://epsu-cj.lu/ -lots of info and news !

Contact us

EPSU-CJ, TB/06LB0012, Cour de justice de l’UE, L-2925 Luxembourg

B.P. 71, L-2010 Luxembourg

PHONE: +352-4303-5699, +352-437073  FAX: +352-4303-3300

eMAIL: EPSU-CJ@curia.europa.eu
President : Vassilis Sklias

2020: Will the coronavirus attack our pay?

The big question, in 2020, is, without a doubt, will the coronavirus crisis attack our pay ? Since 2014, the Staff Regulations no longer leave it to the institutions to determine whether or not there has been “a serious and sudden deterioration in the economic and social situation”. Instead, they set objective criteria for this. The financial outlook, following the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, looks rather grim. For the first time in the history of the Union, the next update of remuneration and pensions, to be calculated over the period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, [...]

Case T-75/14 – For a symbolic sum of 1 euro …

In 2014, Staff Regulations were revised for the first time following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009; this was the first time the Regulations had been amended through the ordinary legislative procedure, in other words in a co-decision between the European Parliament (EP) and the Council, on a proposal from the Commission. Upgrading the European Parliament, the only institution directly elected by citizens, to the position of EU co-legislator had been welcomed as bringing more democratic legitimacy to the Union. Ironically, when it came to amending staff employment conditions, upgrading one of the stakeholders in the [...]

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The General Court upholds citizens’ rights

Judgment of 10 May 2017, in Case T-754/14 : The General Court annuls the Commission’s refusal to register the proposed European citizens’ initiative (ECI) ‘Stop TTIP’. The General Court upholds citizens’ rights ! The ‘Stop TTIP’ Citizens' Committee, having collected 3.3 million signatures, submitted to the European Commission a proposed European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) [1]. The European Commission refused to register it. The Citizens' Committee then brought an action before the General Court for the annulment of that Commission decision. The General Court upheld the action (judgment T-754/14) [2]. The Commission argued, inter alia, that the Commission and the Council [...]

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