The Evolution of Work-Life Balance: The present, the Future and The Gender Roles in Between

#90 – Oct 2023

The 90th edition of Agora is a comprehensive exploration of the evolving dynamics between professional and personal life. It explores the historical significance of work and its transformation over time, from its sacred role to its association with progress in the modern era. The concept of work-life balance emerged in the mid-19th century, leading to reduced working hours and increased annual leave.

Various articles within this edition analyze different aspects of work-life balance, including the importance of disconnecting, reducing working hours, redefining retirement, and examining the impact of leave policies. This edition also addresses burnout risks and presents a case for the four-day workweek.

More importantly, it highlights the perspectives of women in trade unions, discussing issues related to maternity, gender equality, diversity, and equal opportunities. Ultimately, the text emphasizes the positive impact of improved work-life balance on both society and the long-term sustainability of the planet.

Articles in this issue

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