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Special Report

Special ReportTopics relating to professional and private lifeBringing together themes such as legal cases, insurance, harassment, salary, career development, etc.

Right of strike breached at the EPO

Historical Judgments of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation (ILOAT) on the fundamental right to strike breached by the European Patent Office (EPO)

EPO Staff Goes on Strike

EPO staff is still denied a fair career progression and a fair and transparent reporting system, they go on strike on 15/12 !

Emergency Resolution on EPO

USF adopted on 2 June 2019 an emergency resolution on the situation of EPO staff and the unfair treatment of SUEPO trade unionists.

USF Activity Report 2015-2019

USF’s 2015-2019 activity report was presented at the first session of the Bratislava Congress on Thursday, May 30, 2019