Preface for Climate Crisis Articles

Preface for Climate Crisis Articles

Agora #89
Page 13

European Trade Union Position's on the Climate Crisis


Climate change is happening, and its consequences are getting real (and getting worse) for every citizen and worker. The ecological and climate crisis is probably the biggest challenge faced by humankind in history. It requires our societies to show their capacity to change and adapt in all respects, from how we move, what we eat, where we live, and the way we work. Union Synicale Fédérale is not indifferent in the face of such a huge societal threat. In Union Syndicale, we believe that we can contribute to identifying and fostering the most viable solutions to make sure that in the ecological transition, jobs and the quality of work, as well as workers’ well-being, are protected and improved. We are also aware that the transition can also have negative externalities both for the environment and the workers’ wellbeing. That is one of the reasons, this topic will be one of our resolutions for the next USF Congress in May.

Therefore, the Fit for 55 Package is proposed at a crucial time and in line with Union Syndicale’s concern about the challenging adaptation process to face climate change. The package is a 13 legislative proposal by The European Commission that aims at aligning EU Climate and Energy policies with the new climate targets set by the recently adopted Climate Law, GHG emission reduction of at least 55% by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050. While the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) supports the package for obvious reasons, it is not shy away to highlight the fact that the proposals will have strong socio-economic consequences and need to be addressed. Accordingly, the Union Syndicale on the side of ETUC presents you with a series of texts in line with the Union Syndicale resolution which encourages the use of social dialogue and collective bargaining to achieve The EU climate ambition. Because we believe, we have to do this together, to raise awareness, to prepare ourselves for facing the consequences of the impact of climate change.