La précarité au sein de la Fonction Publique Européenne

#87 – Avril 2022

Discover our latest Agora 87, about precariousness in the European Civil Service:

Overview of contracts in the European institutions: an overview of the different types of contract in the European institutions.

Precariousness and its consequences for staff: the problems encountered by ASTs in their career progression, but also the form of precariousness that affects them.

The (not so) idyllic life of staff in delegations: Lima paints a vivid and sharp picture of the life of staff in delegations - be warned, you could fall off your chair!

Precariousness at the European Patent Office: on the precariousness that seems to be creeping in at the European Patent Office, and has been for some years now.

Precarious contracts at the European Central Bank: how the COVID pandemic marked a turning point in the precariousness of the European Central Bank.

Under the constellation of precariousness: a portrait of the Court of Justice and its various precarious contracts.

Distant relatives, precariousness within the branches: the precariousness of contracts within the branches and the difficulties encountered by staff, who are often far removed from headquarters and whose problems do not always meet with the necessary echo.

And more. Have a nice reading !

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