US EASA’s Path to Establishment

US EASA’s Path to Establishment

Agora #91

The support provided by USF to US EASA during these difficult moments of the creation, is highly appreciated by US EASA team.

US EASA was founded on the 21st of March 2023 in Cologne. Since then, the colleagues of EASA have been busy setting up the local branch of Union Syndicale. There have been a lot of hurdles put in the path of the union such as the increase of 100 % the number of staff required to be recognized by the EU Aviation Safety Agency. This has resulted in the process taking longer than anticipated.
There were additional challenges faced by the union, after the new threshold introduced at the moment of creation, was successfully reached

  • Registration in Germany as a German Association
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Demonstration of the representativity threshold of 10% of the statutory staff
  • Signature of the framework agreement with EASA to be recognized as a Social Partner and join social dialogue.

The colleagues at EASA are working very hard to overcome these obstacles, with some easier to overcome than others.

The union has in the meantime published their first newsletters for the members. The first plenary meeting with the members took place in September 2023, this meeting was positively received.

The first elections for the executive board were held in December 2023, with the nomination just before the Christmas break. The newly elected board started with a lot of positive energy, and are very keen to start a new chapter in the Agency.
The Agency in parallel will have their new, and third executive director starting 1st of April 2024. This will give the union the opportunity to work together and renew mutual trust while working on improvements for the employees of EASA .

The support provided by USF, including US member organizations, to US EASA during these difficult moments of the creation, is highly appreciated by US EASA team. This gives the union the strength and energy to keep moving to thrive for a better future for the Agency.

US EASA is very thankful for all your trust in us so far, and hope to be on track, having reached the required 10% threshold of membership.