The social security of the European civil service

#86 – Octobre 2021

Discover our brand new Agora 86, concerning the social security of the European civil service:

Editorial: Niels Bracke gives us an overview of the state of play of European social security in his editorial of Agora 86.

The basics of the JSIS: Ignazio Iacono, a member of the JSIS, explains the basics of the JSIS, the issues at stake and the problems that the Management Committee is trying to solve in order to guarantee colleagues a social security system that is in line with the realities on the ground.

The coordination of social security in the European Union: Niels Bracke analyses social security in the European Union and how adaptations are necessary to overcome the grey areas concerning the agents of the European Public Service.

The social security of the European civil service, an overview: Bernd Loescher draws a detailed picture of the social security of the European civil service.

The Commission's unbalanced response to the pandemic: Augusto Gonzalez analyses the Commission's response to the pandemic and how social dialogue is at an all-time low.
Social security at the European Patent Office: Roberto Righetti presents an overview of the social security in place at the European Patent Office.

Paid sick leave and the pandemic: Slavina Spasova and Sebastiano Sabato analyse the sick leave mechanisms and how they have been affected by the pandemic in the European Union.

Health care in Luxembourg: Vassilis Sklias reports on recent changes to the reimbursement of health care in Luxembourg.

About US - Right of strike at the EPO: Roberto Righetti reports in his article on how the right to strike at the EPO has been secured by several ILOAT judgements.
About US - A functional vision of trade union engagement and work: Arty Kyramarios reflects on trade union commitment and work as solidarity and teamwork.

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