We are pleased to announce the creation of Union Syndicale Eurojust (USEJ), the first trade union at Eurojust, created on 27 of May 2016. USEJ has been successfully registered as an Informal Association with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, thus ensuring its status as an independent trade union. Though still at the early stages of its establishment, USEJ already numbers 45 members (approximately 20% of the staff) and is governed by an Executive Committee .

Eurojust is the European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, established in 2002, with the goal to stimulate and improve the coordination of investigations and prosecutions between the competent authorities of the Member States when dealing with cross-border crime.

The creation of USEJ was initiated and supported by the Staff Committee. Now that USEJ is an independent entity, USEJ is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation on common goals with the Staff Committee.

The former Administrative Director of Eurojust was present at the establishment of USEJ and welcomed the arrival of the Union to Eurojust. The Executive Committee of USEJ have approached the new Administrative Director (ad interim) and will continue to seek partnership with Eurojust management in the social dialogue.

In closing, we are very grateful for the immense support that we have had thus far from Bernd, Jean Marie, Felix, Giustino, and others, to name but a few, and we look forward to growing and representing the interests of our members to the best of our abilities.

For more information on the work and governing rules of USEJ, please consult the USEJ website at :


Johan de Wittlaan, 9
2517 JR Den Haag

President : Jakov Minic
E-mail :